Project Description

   Jefferson Elementary School PTA
   Pullman, WA

Pullman School District – Jefferson Elementary Outdoor Learning Lab

The Jefferson Elementary Outdoor Learning Lab project was inspired by a first-grade teacher who envisioned her students having daily access to nature-based experiential learning opportunities. SPVV provided preliminary design for the 13,000-square-foot learning lab with five major learning zones: the amphitheater area, the nature journaling area, the core area, a pollinator garden, and an edible garden. The design of the lab focuses on inclusivity, with accessible pathways, flexible spaces able to host a variety of activities, “cozy spaces,” a digging area, interactive interpretive signage and art, and plants chosen for their sensory qualities. Though these features benefit all children, they’re particularly beneficial for those with special needs such as autism and sensory processing issues. The Outdoor Learning Lab construction will be a collaboration between Jefferson Elementary, a local contractor, and the WSU Landscape Architecture Program. Jena Jauchius, also an adjunct instructor with the WSU Landscape Architecture Program, will be working with her landscape architecture design-build students to construct a significant portion of the lab in Spring 2019.

PROJECT TYPE: K-12 education, playscapes
CLIENT: Jefferson Elementary School PTA
COMPLETED: in-progress, expected summer 2019
COLLABORATORS: Mega D Excavating, WSU Landscape Architecture Program/School of Design and Construction
SERVICES: learning landscapes design, irrigation design

  K-12 education  /  playscapes