City of Spokane
   Spokane, WA

Riverfront Park – West Havermale Island

SPVV Landscape Architects provided Landscape Architectural Services for the development of Riverfront Park’s West Havermale island, featuring Spokane’s first fully inclusive playground. SPVV, in collaboration with Shane’s Inspiration—a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization—designed and prepared this unique playscape that provides play opportunities for children of all ages and abilities. SPVV served as the prime consultant and led the design effort on the site layout and park program elements. The overall design included the historic preservation of the 1974 Exposition Theme Stream and the location and integration of the ‘Stepwell’ art sculpture.

The primary park element is the all-inclusive playground, filled with sensory and tactile play elements and inclusive features that allow all abilities to engage at the same time. This themed play experience was inspired by the flora and fauna of the Inland Northwest. Both Shane’s Inspiration designers and SPVV Landscape Architects created the construction documents for this playground. Other key park program elements included a pre-cast tri-deck bridge assembly, maintenance and operation area, an ADA accessible restroom, and an extensive pedestrian path system.

PROJECT TYPE: parks, playscapes
CLIENT: City of Spokane
COLLABORATORS: Shane’s Inspiration
SERVICES: master planning, public input process, site design, site layout, planting design, irrigation design
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