St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic School
   Spokane, WA

St. Aloysius School Early Learning Center Playscape

In collaboration with St. Aloysius School’s Early Learning Center staff, administration, and facilities personnel, SPVV developed preliminary designs for the school’s Early Learning Center play area, located between the existing school and the gym expansion building. The custom playscape is divided by age groups into five separate areas: one for infants and two each for toddlers and pre-K children. The infant area has tactile wall and mirror panels with pull-up bars, a low berm for crawling/balance development, an arbor swing for staff to sit with the little ones, and plenty of space for tummy time on a comfy blanket. The playscape for the toddlers and pre-K ages includes several embankment slides, a “loose parts” area, upper-body play structures, two sand play areas with child-operated water features, a sensory walk, balance logs and beams, bridges, tactile walls, a large berm with fort and scramble wall, and a trike track. Synthetic turf with natural/non-toxic infill is the primary ground surface. Berms and slopes are provided in the turf areas for scrambling, rolling, and games. As much variety in developmentally appropriate play features and experiences as possible is provided, along with imaginative play, sensory exploration, and physical engagement in all seasons.

PROJECT TYPE: K-12 education, playscapes
CLIENT: St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic School
SERVICES: custom playscape design, playscape safety assurance
  K-12 education  /  playscapes