A few reflections from our amazing intern, Kat, at the halfway point of her time with us:

“My first impression of SPVV Landscape Architects was that of a well-organized team of professionals dedicated to creating exceptional work. Digging deeper, however, I realized what really drew me in was how genuinely personable everyone was. This was the type of positive environment I wanted to work in and learn about what really goes on in the professional world of landscape architecture.

Fast-forwarding to today, I am just now realizing how lucky I am to be here.  I have had the opportunity to sit in on several meetings (including city council), visit several large- and small-scale construction sites, and work on a wide variety of tasks within the office. So far, I have yet to encounter something that isn’t interesting or fun (although I do now understand why the term “Irrigation-Irritation” is used). Getting to work alongside professionals of this caliber has given me invaluable insight into the design process and the depth of knowledge that is needed to create even a seemingly simple design. There is always something new to learn around every corner.

The range of knowledge and experiences that I have gathered here during the past three months has been the best I could have asked for. Most importantly, however, working with supportive and encouraging coworkers, who take the time to help me learn and grow as a person, reminds me again why I wanted to apply at SPVV. I can only hope to be able to mentor an aspiring student someday as they do for me.”