With the end of November comes the end of our time with our intern, Kathryn. Since May, she’s been diving into all sorts of projects with enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and perpetual positivity. It’s the season of thanksgiving, and we’re incredibly grateful for her efforts and attitude—and we’re sad to see her go. Here are her reflections on the last six months as she heads back to Texas A&M (and much, much warmer weather!), and some of the photos she took while exploring the area:

“My time in Spokane has gone by in a flash. I came here not knowing what to expect but fully ready for a new experience. Now, I couldn’t be happier with the last few months.

During my stay, I took the liberty of exploring the Spokane area. I discovered beautiful parks, swam in crystal clear rivers, and breathed crisp mountain air. These are just a few of the things in life that I have always been captivated by and continue to treasure. Now, I find them driving me to a career that helps protect and reintroduce them into our everyday environments. Spokane is surrounded by beautiful country: mountains, fields, forests, and lakes. It also has beautiful inhabitants. In six short months, I have met a great many people who have earned my respect and admiration.  Each member of the SPVV family is one of these people. Their determination and dedication have inspired me to strive for the same in my own life.

My time here at SPVV has allowed me to see the numerous projects that are being realized in communities all around us geared towards bettering the quality of life. The opportunity to see and be a part of the hard work and effort put into creating these places has given me a whole new appreciation for the people and processes that make them happen.

Spokane has been good to me. SPVV Landscape Architects has been even better. I have learned a lot during my time here and am looking forward to what the future will bring.”

Kat, we’ll sure miss you around here!